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RPM Canada

For the past 20 years RPM Media has been the leading publisher of automotive magazines in Canada that are distributed to leading retailers and custom shops across the country for the Canadian Automotive Enthusiast. Our family of magazines, Muscle Car Plus, Trucks Plus and Off-Road Plus, enjoy the unique advantage of being made available… at no charge, right where the enthusiast is at point of purchase. What this means is that each publication is picked up at a wide variety of well-respected retailer/distributors, who offer them directly to their respective customers as a value add. In fact, the magazines are now recognized as being a draw to those retailers, with consumers returning on an on-going basis to those locations, specifically to pick them up.

The bottom line is that as high-end free publications, with content specifically targeting the enthusiast market, the magazines enjoy a pick up rate otherwise unheard of in the publishing industry! In producing three separate publications, we recognize that there are very unique and divergent areas of interests within the automotive enthusiast world. This is why we publish three separate publications, each with its own completely unique content targeted at that specific demographic.


Our Staff

Publisher / Editor – Dean Washington – (604) 629-9665 – dean@rpmcanada.ca

Associate Publisher – David Symons – (604) 629-9663 – david@rpmcanada.ca

Circulation – Brenda Washington – (604) 629-9662 – brenda@rpmcanada.ca

Managing Editor / Contributing Writer – Jordan Allan – (604) 629-9664 – jordan@rpmcanada.ca

Sales & Marketing – Elaine Fontaine – (604) 629-9668 – elaine@rpmcanda.ca

Copy Editor – Gerry Frechette – gerryf@telus.net


Contributing Writers

Jordan Allan

Howard J Elmer

Gerry Frechette

John Gunnell

Ian Harwood

John Harwood

Cam Hutchins

Nigel Matthews

Russell Purcell

Albert Vandervelde

Benjamin Yong