Extra Look: 2018 Ford F-150 – Best selling for a reason

Extra Look: 2018 Ford F-150 – Best selling for a reason

Story and photos by Russell Purcell (@RoadTestRuss)

The Ford Motor Company has laid claim to the title of best selling light truck in North America for decade. These laurels have been earned on the back of the company’s ever-popular F-150 model has carved out its place in the record books by attracting and maintaining a loyal customer base through both innovation and a reputation for durability.

However, with gasoline prices reaching record highs across Canada many consumers in this segment are seeking ways to soften the blow at the pump, and are looking at alternatives to the traditional gasoline-fed V8 engine that has been the staple power plant in light duty pickup applications.

Ford has long offered a base model truck with a V6 engine for budget-minded shoppers, but the current iteration, a 3.3-litre unit, became overshadowed when Ford product planners embraced turbo charging several years ago and introduced the company’s stunning EcoBoost lineup of turbocharged V6 engines. This arsenal of three powerplants (ranging from 2.7-litres to 3.5-litres in displacement)  have become increasingly popular as they are capable of generating superior power and efficiency to the larger V8 offerings in the stable, and have become renowned for their long service intervals and exceptional reliability.

Add to this the arrival of a ten-speed transmission, and efficiency stats are likely going to continue to improve, especially for those F-150 users who log lots of highway miles.

Ford is playing catch-up in one segment of the half-tonne category however, that being diesel power.  However, with a diesel model now set to roll into showrooms, Ford’s desire to maintain its lofty position as the sales leader in light trucks is likely to continue.

Both the EcoBoost and diesel variants have been engineered for those individuals who need a vehicle that has the capability to tow, but like all F-150 models, also promise to deliver a level of passenger comfort and overall refinement that puts many passenger cars to shame. A week spent behind the wheel of an 2.7-litre EcoBoost equipped  mid-range Lariat model proved what many Canadian households already know- that pickup trucks are perfectly suited for everyday transportation, and in many cases, take the place of two cars, as they are that versatile, well-equipped and comfortable.

Ford’s pickup trucks feature a “military grade” aluminum body to help keep overall weight down for efficiency but retain structural strength needed for work, and F-150 frames  are constructed of high-strength steel and reinforced to maintain both strength and stiffness.

As the various manufacturers compete to produce more powerful, more efficient, and more refined trucks than ever before, it is the consumer who emerges as the real winner, as modern trucks like the F-150 offer better handling dynamics, vast improvements to both passenger safety and comfort, and an extensive equipment catalog to outfit your rig to best suit your individual needs.

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