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Westin Automotive New Outlaw Front Off-Road Bumper

Westin Automotive’ s New Outlaw Off-Road front bumper is available for many makes and models of trucks, and is manufactured from strong 14-gauge steel which provides the ultimate in durability,

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Chevrolet Reveals the All-New Colorado ZR2 Bison

Chevrolet have recently revealed the all-new Colorado ZR2 Bison which joins the midsize trucks lineup as a performance variant and is Chevy’s first collaboration with American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) who

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Three CURT Group Companies Celebrating Significant Milestones

The 4th of July marks Independence Day south of the border in the USA and this year the CURT Group will have even more reason to celebrate. Three of the

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ICI Introduces Magnum Standard Series Front Bumper for the Jeep Wrangler JL

ICI’s Magnum standard series front bumper for the all-new Jeep Wrangler JL allows for improved tire clearance and offers an aggressive look plus places to store four square pod-style LED

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Warn Industries Jeep JL Rubicon OE Winch Carrier

This winch carrier fits the JL’s optional steel bumper (winch ready). It’s been strictly engineered and certified to pull 12,000 lb. pulls, and positions the winch to improve airflow without interfering with the grille at all. Made in the USA out of 1/4″ steel, the plate is easy to install without cutting, drilling, or griding. It’s designed, engineered, and tested in Clackamas, Oregon USA. Accommodates the WARN ZEON, ZEON Platinum, VR, M8, XD9, and Mopar Rubicon Winches.

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Body Armor Desert Series Front Bumper

Body Armor’s Desert Series front bumper is designed for off-road enthusiasts who desire a race-inspired look in combination with the strength to stand up to the rigours of debris when going off-road. They are designed with an over-rider centre hoop for protection of the grille, plus there are four welded light tabs for long-distance HID lights.

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Road Armor Introduces the Identity Series Headache Racks, Step Rails and Bumpers

Road Armor has recently unveiled its all-new Identity line of exterior accessories including Headache Racks, Step Rails, and Bumpers. The Headache racks feature a one-piece welded core design with bolt-on

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Westin Automotive WJ2 Stubby Front Bumper for Jeep Wrangler

Westin’s new WJ2 Stubby Bumper for the Jeep Wrangler JK not only provides your Jeep with a more aggressive off-road appearance, but also improves ground and tire clearance while offering

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ICI Now Offering Baja Series Line of Tubular Exterior Components

ICI has introduced its first line of tubular-based off-road bumpers and steps called the Baja Series which will match your vehicle perfectly and highlight vehicle factory body lines and overall

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ARB Front Summit Bar Kit

ARB’s Summit Bar Kit is a modern interpretation of the ARB Deluxe bar and is styled to complement modern 4×4 vehicles through a fresh, contemporary design. The bumper incorporates unique design features such as a 30-mm edge radius on the wings and centre pan, wider press-formed cover straps, and two-piece polyethylene buffers and redesigned fog lights.