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Family Affair – 1970 Chevrolet El Camino

Story and photos by Cam Hutchins This 1970 El Camino is certainly a family affair and a tribute to the value of great customer relations. Cameron and Gary Grant have

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Hurst Dazzler Wheels

Hurst Dazzler Wheels feature a timeless look that is reminiscent of those found back in the late 1960s. The wheels come in a variety of different sizes and offer you the choice of either black or gold accents. The one-piece aluminum wheels meet all necessary requirements and feature a machined mirror face and lip on some models, with the black or gold accents and protective clear coat.

Muscle Car Plus Parts Store Undercarriage

Rocket Racing Wheels Launcher Series

Rocket Racing Wheels Launcher Series wheels feature a one-piece cast aluminum design with rear-wheel drive offsets, with a polished aluminum snap-in centre cap. The wheels feature a classic look that are reminiscent of designs found in the late 1960s and will fit a number of different applications.

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Procar Rally Seats

Procar by Scat’s Classic Lowback seat provides the classic muscle car look with a low back and an overall muscle car like appearance. It has the same great style, comfort