Road Test: 2023 Volvo V60CC B5 AWD

Road Test: 2023 Volvo V60CC B5 AWD

Story by David Symons, photos courtesy of Volvo Canada



Price: $72,425 (as tested)

Engine: 2.0L 4-Cylinder Direct-Injection supercharged & turbocharged engine/ +mild hybrid

Trans: 8-Speed Geartronic Automatic Transmission

Power: 247hp @ 5,400–5,700rpm

Torque: 258 lb.-ft @ 1,800–4,800 rpm

Curb Weight: 4189 lbs / 1900 kgs

Fuel Consumption:  (L/100 km):10.1 City / 7.7 Highway / 9.0 Combined


New for 2023:

Classic design cues never go out of style. That said, outside of minor exterior cosmetic changes to the front and rear bumpers, there is not much new on the exterior of this iteration of the V60


Segment Competitors:

Subaru Outback, Audi A4 Allroad, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLB 250


The Skinny:

Perhaps it’s time to revisit the station wagon as a viable alternative to its successors, the CUV & small SUV. Volvo certainly makes a strong case to doing just that and not letting the segment drift into obscurity by creating this AWD Cross Country edition.


The Interior:

The interior has unmistakeable Scandinavian design styling that is noticeable the moment you sit in the very comfortable and highly adjustable driver’s seat. With options, it even offers to cool and massage you… should you feel the need. Raised wood trim accent panels are a nice touch. Glance down and you’ll see a Swedish crystal shifter nob that is nothing short of unique. The infotainment unit with a 9 inch vertical touch screen that has full Google integration, which means Google Assist and Maps, but didn’t feel particularly intuitive to operate. When rear seats are folded, there’s a goodly amount of cargo space – 50.9 cubic feet to be precise. The optional Harman/Kardon sound system is top drawer and will definitely be appreciated by those folks who crave listening to their favourite choice of music while rolling down the highway.


The powertrain
Is a 2.0L 4-cylinder generating 247 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, courtesy of the presence of both super and turbochargers and is aided by the presence of a 48V mild hybrid system. Not going to blow anyone away, but with both of the aforementioned chargers, it does feel like there’s more oomph than those numbers would otherwise indicate.


The Ride:

Volvo has created a station wagon that offers a plusher ride and AWD with 8.1 inches of clearance with some protective body armour thrown in for good measure to ensure being able to navigate some off road adventure. We’re not talking a rock crushing adventure here, but it does have hill descent control and rear air suspension, so Volvo is expecting that you’ll veer off of the asphalt and take it on some less travelled roads… and that it does admirably well with no complaints. Otherwise, while there is no discernable turbo lag per se, it does take a bit of peddle to get to speed back on the blacktop, but once there, the V60CC provides a very steady, relatively quiet and comfortable ride.


Pros: Great traditional Volvo exterior lines, Unique “Thor’s Hammer” styled Head lamps, Turbo Charger/ Super Charger w/some hybrid, Very comfortable front seats, Nicely appointed wood & leather interior trim, Good cargo capacity


Cons: Steering a tad looser that I’d like, missing a wireless charge system, infotainment system not particularly intuitive to navigate


The Verdict: 

This is a well-designed vehicle that is one of very few station wagons still available in the Canadian marketplace. The V60 CC caters to those people that for whatever reason don’t want to jump to the now ubiquitous universe of CUV/SUV offerings. Volvo have done a great job in creating a mildly luxurious vehicle that while not trying to lay any kind of claim to sporty performance, does look and feel like a stylish people/cargo mover. Fantastic audio sound quality is a really nice bonus. If comfort outstrips performance in terms of personal preference… this one just may be for you.


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