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First Drive: 2019 Ford Ranger

Story and photos by Dan Heyman It’s not often that a manufacturer rejuvenates two once-loved nameplates in a single year, but so it goes with Ford, who this year have

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Coleman laid claim to ‘first practical 4WD system’

Walk into the basement of Larry Maasdam’s rural home near Clarion, Iowa, and you will find yourself in a virtual toy museum. Over 6,500 toys fill the glass-shelf-lined walls. In all, there’s over 150 linear ft. of showcases for toys and the amazing collection, started only 10 years ago, is still growing.

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American Trail Products Introduces Jeep Cherokee 2.0 Lift Kit

American Trail Products (ATP) has recently introduced an all-new 2.0 lift kit to fit all 2014-present Jeep Cherokees including 2WD and 4WD Sport, Latitude, Limited and Trailhawk models. The kit

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Suzuki Launches All-New Jimny for Europe and Japan Markets

Suzuki have recently launched the all-new, completely redesigned 2019 Jimny off-road-oriented vehicle, but unfortunately for those of us in North America, it will only be available in Europe and Japan.

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Tread Lightly: Environmentally Friendly Off-Roading

Talk about poking the bear…the blatant disregard, or perhaps unsettling ignorance, of the human race has environmentalists up in arms about topics like climate change, emissions control, recycling, recreational disturbance, and habitat conservation—and rightfully so.

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Skyjacker 4-In. Suspension Lift Kit with Black MAX Shocks

Skyjacker’s 4-In. Suspension Lift Kit with Black MAX Shocks for Ford Super Duty includes variable-rate front coil springs and a track bar relocation bracket.

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Urban Pickup: GMC Canyon Diesel

This will be a different sort of review of a pickup truck, in the sense that it is written by someone who is not a “pickup guy,” who doesn’t quite understand some aspects of their appeal to people.