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Trimax TRZ6AL Adjustable Drop Hitch

Trimax’s TRZ6AL 6-in. adjustable drop hitch with locking ball mount includes dual 2- and 2-5/16-in. chrome balls and receiver lock, and has a 10,000 lbs. tow rating with a tongue weight rating of 1,500 lbs. The hitch is able to adjust in 1-in. increments and can be flipped and used as a drop or rise hitch.

Miscellaneous Gear Parts Store Trucks Plus

CURT Light-Duty TruTrack™ Weight Distribution System

The CURT TruTrack™ is an advanced weight distribution hitch that offers smooth, safe towing by combining precise weight distribution with integrated sway control. It uses a hardened spring and cam system, built into the hitch head, to actively stop trailer sway. It also features adjustable support brackets, instead of chains, to keep the trailer better aligned with the tow vehicle.

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Rugged Ridge Adjustable Rear Track Bar

The Rugged Ridge Adjustable Rear Track Bar is the ideal solution to help re-centre and restore proper tracking of the rear differential in 07-17 Wrangler JK models that have suspension lifts of 2.5 to 5.5 inches.

Miscellaneous Gear Parts Store Trucks Plus

FASS FA Series Adjustable Fuel Pumps

FASS FA Series Adjustable fuel pumps are one of the most versatile high-performance fuel pumps, as they allow the customer to tweak the fuel pressure to the engine on the fly. The boost compensation port also gives the pump added and more consistent fuel pressure based on boost referencing from the turbo, which keeps fuel pressure in line with the needs of the engine

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Smittybilt Aluminum Adjustable Hitch

Smittybilt’s Aluminum Adjustable Drop Hitch Ball Mount boasts a 6-in. drop to adjust to the proper height easily, and comes with reversible 2 to 2-5/16-in. steel balls. It is machined from a high-grade billet aluminum for added strength and has a polished finish for a stylish touch.

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Trimax TRZ8AL-RP Hitch

Trimax’s TRZ8AL-RP is an aluminum adjustable hitch with dual hitch ball and a receiver adjustment pin. It is made from 100% polished aluminum and has been weight tested to 10,000 lbs. It uses a flip hitch for added rise, adjusts in seconds from 0: to 8” drop or rise, and the aluminum ball mount adjusts in 1-in. increments.

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TrailFX Contractor Rack

Carry more with the TrailFX contractor truck rack! TrailFX contractor truck racks combine the features of strength, functionality, and versatility. With up to 1000-lb carrying capacity, it is sure to handle the toughest loads. 

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Teraflex Adjustable Alpine Flexarm Kit

Teraflex’s Alpine Flexarms are able to blend the maintenance-free dependability of the sport flexarms with the complete adjustability of the monster flexarms.

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ProRYDE Colorado/Canyon Adjustable Front Lift Levelling Kit

ProRYDE’s Adjustable Front Lift Levelling Kit features a patented adjustable design that allows front lift options from 1.5-in. to 2.25-in. or anywhere in between.

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Classic Performance Classic Fit Steering Column

Classic Performance’s Classic Fit Steering column is a five-way adjusting tilt column that is made from stainless steel tube for automatic column shift and floor shift applications in several lengths.