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Toyota Sold More Than 1.52 Million Electrified Vehicles in 2017

Toyota Motor Corporation have recently announced that they reached a major milestone in the annual sales for electrified powertrains in 2017 with over 1.52 million vehicles sold worldwide. That number

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OPTIMA Batteries Reveals New OPTIMA YELLOWTOP with DIN Fitment

OPTIMA Batteries has recently expanded its product lineup to fit more vehicles with a DIN fitment solution, as they have introduced the new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP at the recent 2017 SEMA

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Summit Racing Chrome Alternators

Summit Racing’s chrome, one-wire alternators  utilize an internal, self-energizing voltage regulator that allows only one wire to be exposed, which keeps your engine compartment uncluttered. Additionally the chrome finish of the alternator further adds to the appearance under your hood.

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MSD Dynaforce Alternator 160-Amp Black

MSD’s Dynaforce 160-Amp Alternator are designed for extreme output at higher rpm and also balances the current output to keep your electronic components up to speed during idle at lower rpm.