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Ford Reveals the Fastest Drag Racing Mustang Ever

Ford has revealed the 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet which is the quickest drag racing Mustang ever and is capable of going down the quarter mile in the mid-eight-second range. This

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Elusive Icon: 1967 Shelby GT350

There are very few Carnuts on this planet that do not know of Carroll Shelby and his amazing influence on our car culture. Assembling the cars using chassis supplied from AC Cars in England, it is a true modern David-versus-Goliath story. Flushed with success after taking a Ford V8 and stuffing it into the small British sports car, Shelby was approached to make the new Mustang more of an enthusiast car.

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Ford Performance Mustang GT Rear Brake Bracket Upgrade Kit

Ford Performance’s Mustang GT Rear Brake Bracket upgrade kit is used to install Mustang Cobra, Mach 1 or Special Edition rear calipers on the 94-04 Mustang GT. The kit itself includes production 11.65-in. rotors, caliper mounting brackets, moan braces, dust shields and dust shield bolts.

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Heatshield Products Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap

Heatshield Products Cobra Skin premium exhaust wrap utilizes an HPTC coating to give it maximum thermal resistance and insulation, and features a specially designed weave that allows for maximum flexibility

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Cooper Cobra Radial G/T

An all-season cosmetic performance tire that is targeted to buyers who prefer raised white-letter styling in an all-season tire. Available in a wide range of standard and low-profile sizes, the Cobra G/T is especially popular with drivers of older domestic muscle cars  who still want to retain the characteristic “look” of their vehicles.

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Direct Replacement Fuel Pump for 1998-2004 Ford Mustang from BBK

BBK has introduced a direct fuel pump replacement for 1998-2004 Ford Mustang V6, GT or 1998-02 Cobra that requires no fabrication and replaces your factory in-tank electric fuel pump. The