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MagnaFlow Black DPF Series Exhaust

MagnaFlow’s Black DPF Series is now available for the new Ford Super Duty and features the same stainless construction of other systems but with the added protection and style of a high-temp satin black coating that is applied from the tailpipe to the tip. The system is mandrel-bent and will not only provide your truck with power gains, but will also provide a deep aggressive tone.

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aFe Power Aluminized Steel Down-Pipe Back Exhaust System

aFe’s Aluminized Down-pipe back exhaust system for new GM diesel trucks uses a high-quality band clamp and OE-style bayonet hangers for a secure fitment, and include a high-flow aluminized steel muffler. The system utilizes all factory mounting locations to provide a quick installation, will boost both horsepower and torque, and provide you with a deep aggressive tone.

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Heatshield Products Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap

Heatshield Products Cobra Skin premium exhaust wrap utilizes an HPTC coating to give it maximum thermal resistance and insulation, and features a specially designed weave that allows for maximum flexibility

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MBRP XP Series Performance Exhaust

MBRP’s 3-inch  XP Series Performance Exhaust for the Ford Focus ST features a dual centre outlet that will provide your vehicle not only with an aggressive exhaust note but also with both horsepower and torque gains. The cat-back system comes with all necessary parts and hardware for installation and is made from a high-grade steel.

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JBA Long Tube Headers for 2007-10 Ford Shelby GT500

JBA’s 6695 Series Long Tube headers for the Shelby GT500 feature Firecone technology and produces increased horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range. It will also provide improved throttle response and will make your engine more sensitive to other modifications such as programmers, intakes and superchargers.

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Dynomax Quietcrawler Performance Exhaust

Dynomax’s Quietcrawler single cat-back exhaust system was specifically designed to provide high clearance for rock crawling, and quiet acoustics for everyday driving in your 3.6L Jeep Wrangler 4-door.

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Performance World Black Coated Exhaust Tips

Performance World’s Black Coated Exhaust tips are manufactured from stainless steel and are coated not just for great looks but also for durability.

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Magnaflow Competition Series Exhaust System for Shelby GT350

Magnaflow’s Competition Series Exhaust Systems are designed to produce an aggressive exhaust note and reduce mass over the stock exhaust.

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MagnaFlow MF Series Performance Exhaust System

MagnaFlow’s MF Series Performance Exhaust System deliver a smooth, deep sound and provides your truck with increased torque and horsepower.

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2018 Mustang to Feature Industry-First Quiet Start

The 2018 Ford Mustang will feature Quiet Exhaust mode as well as the industry-first Quiet Start, which is known as Good Neighbour Mode among Mustang engineers. The idea for this