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Bright Source Mounting Bracket Kit for Jeep

Bright Source’s Mounting Bracket Kit for the Jeep Wrangler JK features brackets only and can be installed for a 10-in. or 20-in LED light bar. The bracket sets up behind

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Bestop Highrock 4×4 Modular Front Bumper

Bestop’s Highrock 4×4 Modular Front Bumper features a design that lets you build up the front bumper as you’d like with optional accessories available such as end caps, skid plate, tubular grille guard or approach roller kit. The high-access shape of the bumper allows for more clearance over rocks, while the bolt-on installation allows you to use factory bumper mounting locations with no drilling required.

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Pro Comp 2.5-in. Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler

Pro Comp’s 2.5-in. Lift kit for the Jeep Wrangler JK is designed to provide a great ride on-road while still being great off-road as well. The kits feature bump stop extensions, front sway bar drop brackets, replacement rear bump stops, rear track bar bracket, cam bolt kit and shocks.

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N-Fab RBS Rear Pre-Runner Bumper w/Skid Plate

N-Fab’s RBS Rear Pre-Runner Bumper with skid plate has been precision-built for a perfect fit and requires no cutting or drilling required for installation.

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McGard Jeep Wrangler Door Locks

Given that removable Jeep Wrangler doors are an easy target for theft, McGard offers Jeep door locks that simply replace the lower hinge nuts with the McGard door lock. They are very easy to install and for maximum security, the spin-collar turns if they are attacked by gripping tools to further protect your vehicle.

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Smittybilt’s New Jeep JK Tailgate Table

Smittybilt’s new integrated Tailgate Table for Jeep Wrangler JK will make camping a breeze by providing a large surface area for you to cook and prepare food, keeping it off

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Surprisingly Challenging: Moab’s Kane Creek Canyon Trail

I have been heading down to Moab on a regular basis for Easter Jeep Safari now for over 15 years. And despite there being a vast array of trails, it seems we run our favourites every year including Moab Rim, Metal Masher, Poison Spider and Golden Spike, then run out of time for all the other great trails spread all around Moab.