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Luverne SlimGrip 5-In. Running Boards

Luverne’s SlimGrip 5-In. Running Boards add a sleek and rugged style to your truck thanks to a narrowed profile and angular end caps. The running boards feature open treads to knock dirt and snow off of boots, while the expanded metal treads provide you with maximum traction and safety even in lifted truck applications.

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Three CURT Group Companies Celebrating Significant Milestones

The 4th of July marks Independence Day south of the border in the USA and this year the CURT Group will have even more reason to celebrate. Three of the

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Luverne Prowler Max™ Winch Mounting Platforms

These simple winch tray attachments outfit the LUVERNE Prowler Max™ grille guard for hard work on the jobsite or on the trail. They are tested to 16,500 lbs. straight-line pull and feature standard mounting points to accept most types of winches. All Prowler Max™ winch mounting platforms are made vehicle-specific for a custom fit, and they install easily with a retrofit design.

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Luverne Baja Steps

Luverne’s Baja Steps feature a distinctive off-road styling and boast large, non-skid drop-down steps with ½-in. circular treads and a no-drill vehicle-specific fit. The drop-down steps feature a 3-1/2×12-in. stepping surface that is low enough to provide an easy and comfortable step up, but is elevated enough to clear rocks, logs or just about any other obstacle.

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Luverne SlimGrip Running Boards

New Luverne SlimGrip running boards are constructed from powder-coated aluminum and feature expanded aluminum treads running the entire length of each board. The expanded metal treads offer maximum traction, even in wet or snowy conditions, and they are also designed to knock dirt and snow off, allowing them to pass through and keep the step and interior of the vehicle clean

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Luverne 4-In. Oval Bull Bars

Luverne’s 4-in. Oval Bull Bars include a removable skid plate and a pre-drilled customizable crossbar. The skid plate and bull bar come in two finish options and feature a universal design that allows you to mix and match however you’d like. The crossbar allows you to add aftermarket lighting and provides your truck with a customized, off-road look.

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Luverne’s New Baja Guard Protects Your Front End

Luverne’s New Baja Guard takes the protection of a grille guard and combines it with the off-road styling of a desert racer, giving you solid front-end strength without sacrificing your