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Tech: Mastercraft Baja RS Seat Install

Do you spend a lot of time in the saddle of your off-roader? Have your seats been beating you to death, or have they faded from the no-top wheeling you do? Or are they just trashed from the age of your rig?

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Mastercraft S 2/4 Seat

MasterCraft’s new S 2/4 seat is specifically designed for the Polaris RZR and provides deep bolsters for superior containment during extreme off-road situations. The bottom cushion is removable for easy cleaning and features a pass-through at the base of the rear cushion to easily reach through the seat and access the seat release lever. 

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MasterCraft Safety Rubicon Fixed-Back Seat

MasterCraft Safety’s Rubicon fixed-back seat is a great choice for off-roaders who are looking for all the benefits of a true suspension seat and don’t require a reclining function. The