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Being Prepared: A Starter Guide to Recovery Gear

Story and photos by Spencer Whitney We’ve all seen it happen on the trails – someone gets stuck, and a member from the audience offers to help. Too often though,

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Ramsey RE8000R Winch

Ramsey’s RE 8000R winch offers a strong worm gear which provides load reversing protection, while the motors and solenoids are grounded directly to the battery. The exclusive semi-automatic RAM-LOK clutch is able to disengage for free spooling, and the entire solenoid assembly is weather-resistant which may come in handy when stuck in a wet environment.

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Extreme Terrain Barricade Winch

Extreme Terrain’s Barricade winch provides reliable pulling power for situations when stuck on the trail. With a 5.5-horsepower, 12-volt motor and a gear ratio of 195.4:1, the Barricade can recover your Jeep from the deepest mud or largest rock jam. It is designed to be installed and used directly out of the box and contains 94-feet of steel cable plus a hook, remote control on a 12 foot lead, and a four-way aluminum fairlead.

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DK2 Warrior Ninja Series Electric Winches

DK2’s Warrior Ninja Series 12V electric winches are ideal for large ATVs and small trailers and feature a huge high-power motor, heavy-duty clutch, heavy-duty steel gearing and heavy-duty waterproof contactors that ensure reliability. The strengthened steel drum makes it ideal to use with synthetic rope while the watertight four-pin connection allows for the use of a plug-and-play wireless controller. All models are available in synthetic rope or steel.

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Bulldog 12K Winch

Bulldog’s new 12K winch features a series-wound, 6.0-horsepower motor with a 450A sealed contactor. It offers either a wired hand control with a 12-ft. lead included, or a wireless option. The three-stage planetary gear will provide the ultimate pulling power while the 100-ft. synthetic rope will not break under even the most strenuous of circumstances.

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TrailFX Reflex Series Winches

Description:  Off-road enthusiasts can tackle the challenges on the trail head with the Reflex Series winch from TrailFX.  Pick your capacity – 8,000 lbs., 9,500 lbs., or 12,000 lbs. Crawl

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Rugged Ridge Spare Tire Tool Rack System

The Rugged Ridge Spare Tire Tool Rack System is an excellent way to equip your Jeep with the tools to survive any off-road excursion.  Each tool rack is built from high-strength powder-coated steel plate to house a variety of tools and implements including axes, shovels, picks, saws, etc.

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WARN ZEON Platinum Winches

The ZEON Platinum winches are built for those who push the limits – with double the durability, 20-percent faster line speed, and extreme IP68-rated waterproofing. The Advanced Wireless Remote controls not only the winch, but also the clutch and other accessories.

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Smittybilt XRC 2 Winch

Smittybilt’s XRC 2 Winch is a powerful 2,000-lb. winch that features a 3.9-horsepower motor equipped with a 3-stage planetary gear system with a 136:1 gear ratio that delivers lightning-fast line speed.

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Westin Automotive’s Off-Road Series Waterproof Winches

Westin Automotive’s Off-Road Series Waterproof Winches come available in four different models, including the 12.5, 12.5S, 9.5 and 9.5S, with the non-S models featuring single-rated steel lines and the ‘S’