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Miscellaneous Muscle Car Plus Parts Store

Summit Racing Floor Shift Steering Columns

Summit Racing’s Floor Shift steering columns are 2-in.-diameter steel columns that are equipped with a pre-wired turn signal switch and a billet signal lever. A pre-wired hazard switch is also included as is colour-coded wiring with a 4-1/2-in. GM-style plug.

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Summit Racing Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Camaro

Summit Racing’s Rear Drum-to-Disc Brake conversion kits feature solid vented rotors, calipers and just about everything you need to fully switch to a disc brake system that will provide your late 1960’s Camaro with much more stopping power than stock. The 11-in rotors are vented and made with cast iron for the ultimate performance and durability.

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Summit Racing Chrome Alternators

Summit Racing’s chrome, one-wire alternators  utilize an internal, self-energizing voltage regulator that allows only one wire to be exposed, which keeps your engine compartment uncluttered. Additionally the chrome finish of the alternator further adds to the appearance under your hood.

Miscellaneous Muscle Car Plus Parts Store

Summit Racing Billet Aluminum Gas Pedals

Summit Racing’s Billet Aluminum Gas Pedals are firewall-mounted and feature rubber inserts for better grip, and a billet aluminum assembly for increased durability and a great appearance that will bolster any muscle car interior.