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BD Diesel Rumble B SX-E Turbo Kits

BD Diesel’s Rumble B SX-E turbo kits are a complete performance replacement of the stock Holset turbo that reduces EGTs and high turbo drive pressures. They are designed to save your head gasket and prolong your engine’s life, and are made to deliver up to 700 horsepower. Additionally, the kit features a BD T4 wastegate-ready exhaust manifold with pulse technology.

Miscellaneous Gear Parts Store Trucks Plus

BD Diesel’s All-New SX-E Turbo Kits for Dodge/Ram Pickups

BD Diesel has recently introduced its new SX-E turbo kits for 5.9L and 6.7L Dodge/Ram diesel pickups. In the past, the kits have been a great option for a complete,