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Choosing the Right Lift Kit

Story by Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko, photos courtesy of the manufacturers There are so many responsible ways to spend a paycheque. Rent, groceries, student loans, and general savings all come to mind,

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Tech: Jeep Wrangler JK First Phase Install

One of the first things many would think of when starting a Jeep build is a lift kit and a larger tire and wheel package, which is just where we decided to begin with our 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport project. This will immediately change the look of the Jeep and will add even more off-road prowess to an already extremely capable vehicle.

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Tech: Pro Comp F-150 Install

When beginning the exterior portion of our 2018 Ford F-150 project, we decided that there would be no better place to start than a suspension lift kit, larger tires, and more aggressive-looking wheels.

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Dick Cepek Matrix Wheels

Dick Cepek’s Matrix wheel boasts a tough, edgy, multi-dimensional, eight-spoke design and has been engineered for the ultimate durability. The wheels offer an impressive style upgrade to your truck and are available in a number of different sizes to fit today’s trucks and Jeeps.

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Enthuze Helix Wheels

Enthuze’s Helix wheels offer a multi-spoke, rugged design that is sure to enhance the appearance of your truck, Jeep or 4×4 instantly. They feature a black milled finish and are available in a few different sizes, widths, bolt patterns and offsets in order to fit on a wide variety of applications.

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American Force Alpha SF8

American Force’s Alpha SF8 was created for truck and Jeep owners who want to take their wheels to the next level of customization. It has an eight-spoke split design and is made with one-piece forged aluminum that provides great resistance against any damages.

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YearOne Reproduction Magnum 500 Wheel

YearOne’s Magnum 500 Reproduction wheel for Cudas and Challengers feature a full chrome finish with painted slots, and use factory style lugs and centre caps which are sold separately from the wheels. They will give that classic, stock look to your E-Body 1970-74 Barracuda or Challenger but with a modern construction.

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Rugged Ridge Trail Runner Classic Steel Wheel

The hub-centric Trail Runner Classic Steel Wheels from Rugged Ridge are designed to be an upgrade from normal steel wheels. They feature a 5×5 bolt pattern, five retro-style kidney shaped holes and a durable gloss black finish.

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Pro Comp Vapor Pro 2 Beadlock Wheels

Pro Comp’s Vapor Pro 2 Beadlock wheels were created after two years of research and development including countless miles of Baja racing. The 17-in. wheels feature a 6061 aircraft-grade forged beadlock ring and a laser-engraved Pro Comp logo on one of the spokes.

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LRG Squadron 116 Wheels

LRG’s Squadron 116 wheels are created from a blend of inspiration from art, fashion and culture with state-of-the-art engineering which has resulted in a unique wheel that will help your truck or Jeep stand out from a crowd. The beadlock-inspired wheels are offered in 17- or 20-in. sizes and are finished in a satin black.