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BD Diesel 48RE Transmissons for Dodge Trucks Now Available with TapShifter Kit

BD Diesel is now offering its BD 48RE Transmissions for the 2003-2007 Dodge trucks, with an optional TapShifter kit for the ultimate transmission setup that allows you to access all

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Iron Cross Automotive’s Low Profile Bumper

The new Low Profile Bumper from Iron Cross Automotive is designed to fit like your OEM bumper, but with a more rugged look and slim styling profile. The bumper features

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New Magnum Force Cold Air Intake for GM Silverado/Sierra from aFe Power

aFe Power is now offering a Magnum Force Stage-2 Pro 5R Cold Air Intake system for the 2009-2013 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 with either the 5.3L or 6.2L

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ICI Adaptive Cruise Control-Ready Magnum Series Bumper for Raptor

ICI’s new Magnum front and rear bumpers for the 2017-18 Ford F-150 Raptor feature a form-fit, low-profile design, and include hidden light mounts, indicator lights, removable panels and water-jet cut-outs,

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Pro Comp’s New Motorsports Series 5- and 7-In. Dual Sport LED Lights

Pro Comp’s new Motorsports Series 5- and 7-in. Dual Sport LED lights have been designed with off-roading in mind and feature a waterproof aluminum housing for safe and reliable performance

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Truxedo Announces Release of All-New Sentry and Sentry CT Tonneau Covers

Truxedo has recently announced the release of its all-new Sentry and Sentry CT hard roll-up tonneau covers, both of which feature an Xtra-low profile and come in either industrial-strength vinyl

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Bully Dog BDX Performance Programmer Offering Ford Truck Preload Tunes

Bully Dog has recently announced that it is now offering new Preload Tunes on the BDX Performance Programmer for late-model Ford pickups including the 2017-18 F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost,

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Castrol 15W-40 GTX Diesel

Castrol’s GTX Diesel motor oil is a premium quality lubricant that is formulated to provide exceptional lubrication for today’s light-truck diesel engines. The oil provides protection from piston deposits, oil thickening and valve train wear, while also minimizing engine sludge formation. It is made to provide exceptional performance in engines operating under severe service conditions including towing and hauling under high temperatures.

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Truck Hardware’s Gatorgear Nerfboards

The ultimate running board, these extremely heavy-duty boards are built to last the life of your truck. They offer a superior look and function to protect your vehicle from road debris, and with their anti-slip step plates, they ensure safety in all weather conditions. Hand-built and with no-drill installation, these unique boards stand out from the rest… any other step is a step down.

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Westin Automotive HDX Stainless Drop Nerf Step Bars

Westin Automotive’s all-new HDX Stainless Drop Nerf Step Bars are manufactured from corrosion-resistant, black powder-coated stainless steel for strength and to keep performing well under even the toughest of conditions. The bars feature a one-piece construction that provide over two more inches of step area than some competitors, and fit tight to your vehicle’s rocker panel.