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Modern Day Muscle: Camaro ZL1

“What’s old is new again.” Nowhere is that saying more appropriate in an automotive context than in the modern-day muscle car wars, where many of the models and even colours of the iconic cars of exactly 50 years ago are being used to market today’s high-tech supercars.

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Direct Fit 1969 Camaro 26-Circuit Harness from Painless Performance

Painless Performance is offering one of the most complete 1969 Camaro wiring harnesses, that features 26 circuits with virtually every connector installed on the harness out of the box. The

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Summit Racing Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Camaro

Summit Racing’s Rear Drum-to-Disc Brake conversion kits feature solid vented rotors, calipers and just about everything you need to fully switch to a disc brake system that will provide your late 1960’s Camaro with much more stopping power than stock. The 11-in rotors are vented and made with cast iron for the ultimate performance and durability.