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Sleeper by Design: 1961 Chevrolet Biscayne

It can be argued that lots of good can come from adversity, and certainly having your tail whipped when you think you have the baddest car around, can provide stump-pulling motivation. In 1969, driving a new Vette with the 427 offered one a sort of invincibility when cruising to Wally’s Burgers, a local Carnut hang out in Vancouver. One evening, a race with a 1969 Camaro left the Vette in second place and its owner with lots of questions.

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Modern Day Muscle: Camaro ZL1

“What’s old is new again.” Nowhere is that saying more appropriate in an automotive context than in the modern-day muscle car wars, where many of the models and even colours of the iconic cars of exactly 50 years ago are being used to market today’s high-tech supercars.

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Ford Racing 427 Cubic Inch Crate Engine

Ford Performance’s X-Head 427 Cubic Inch Crate Engine is built on Ford Racings’ BOSS 351 block and is engineered to deliver a strong and flat torque curve. The X427 motor is hand assembled with the best parts from aftermarket companies like Mahle, SCAT, Clevite, COMP, PAC, and Fel-Pro. Features 450 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque.