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Audi Launches the All-New Coupe-Like Q8 SUV

It what appears to be somewhat of a growing trend, especially among many of the luxury brands, Audi have revealed the all-new Q8 which they say combines the elegance of

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BC NDP Government Doubles Surtax on Luxury Vehicles

The CBC has reported that the B.C. NDP Government that is currently in power will be doubling the surtax on luxury cars in its 2018 budget. The change will boost

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Injen Tuned Air Intake System

Injen’s Tuned Air Intake system for the Audi S4 is one of the first tuned air intake systems available on the market. It has a SuperWeb Nanon dry filter that improves airflow to the car’s engine to provide gains in horsepower, throttle response and torque. The MR technology is a patented tuning process that keeps air/fuel ratios within OE tolerances.

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Clutch Masters FX100 Kit

Clutch Masters’ FX100 system utilizes the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a custom heavy-duty Steel Back Organic friction disc, and is engineered for heavy-duty street use.

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Audi Reveals New A7 Sportback

Audi have recently unveiled the new 2018 A7 Sportback which represents the new Audi design language and is billed as a four-door coupe due to its dynamic lines and progressiveness

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Fast Audis aplenty on the Audi Sport Tour

The Audi Sport Tour recently swept through Vancouver, allowing both potential customers and those willing to spend a couple of bucks for a day of fun the chance to sample some of the most hardcore road cars Audi makes.

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Road Test: 2017 Audi TTS – Third Generation Brings Refinement, Efficiency and Performance

Review and images by Russell Purcell, It’s hard to believe that Audi has been delivering the innovative TT line of automobiles to our shores for the better part of two