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Feature: 3 Friends & A 1966 Isuzu Elf

Story by Spencer Whitney, photos courtesy of Dustin Herbison Three friends and a 1966 Isuzu Elf quad-cab – an unlikely combination, and one that came about unexpectedly. While they are

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Coleman laid claim to ‘first practical 4WD system’

Walk into the basement of Larry Maasdam’s rural home near Clarion, Iowa, and you will find yourself in a virtual toy museum. Over 6,500 toys fill the glass-shelf-lined walls. In all, there’s over 150 linear ft. of showcases for toys and the amazing collection, started only 10 years ago, is still growing.

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Rick Leginus’ 1967 Shelby Pro Touring

Building an over-the-top 1967 Shelby GT500 Pro Touring was always in the cards; it was always going to happen. Rick Leginus grew up around four Shelbys and a 1970 Boss 429 as a kid.

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Camaro 50th Anniversary

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Chevrolet Camaro. It’s technically not the 50th birthday, but with the rebirth of the 2010 Camaro

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Chevy Camaro, Born to Perform

Many of the greatest muscle cars ever crafted were produced between 1965-1969. It’s true, and Ford fan or not, hail the Blue Oval. Without the Mustang

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The Mecca for Vintage Car Lovers… Cuba!

Cuba. It’s a mecca for vintage car lovers. A rolling museum featuring what many believe is the golden age of the automobile. The brightly painted tapestry of mainly 1950s nameplates

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Yellow Roadrunner

During the fabled “Muscle Car” era, Plymouth introduced the Roadrunner as a performance package on the Belvedere in 1968, offering only the 383 cu. in. engine

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A Shop Truck With a Twist

Shop trucks have been around since like, forever. There was a time when their main purpose was to go chase or deliver parts and maybe pick up lunch for the

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Chevrolet Joins Trailer Builders to Create Integrated Systems

Most RVers are well aware that the truck manufacturers and the RV builders rarely talk. By that, I mean each industry watches what the other is doing and then builds something they “think” will work with what the other guy built

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Owner’s Perspective – Honda Ridgeline Gen 1 Vs. Gen 2

Like many first-generation Honda Ridgeline owners, I have been looking forward to the long-awaited introduction of the second generation of the Japanese company’s only pickup offering since