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Family Muscle: Jeff Friesen’s 1967 Beaumont

Story by Jordan Allan, photos by Barry Kluczyk There is something to be said for being able to trace your car all the way back to its original owner, especially

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Tech: Chevelle MagnaFlow Install

When we originally had the engine built for our ’68 Chevelle project, we were given the opportunity to test it out on a dynamometer where it put up some power numbers that were actually more than we expected.

Muscle Car Plus Tech

Tech: Chevelle Rear End Rebuild

When you have a big, torquey V8 engine (as you will soon find out, our ’68 Chevelle does) it is important your rear end set-up is fit to handle all
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Original Parts Group 11-In. Chevelle Brake Rotor

Original Parts Group’s 11-in. Chevelle Brake rotors are four-piston-type rotors that are meant to be enhancements on your original brakes and will add to the stopping power of your classic Chevy. The rotors are made to work with the original four-piston calipers which will allow them to work seamlessly with your car.

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Original Parts Group Plastic Inner Fenderwells

Original Parts Group OEM replacement plastic inner fender wells are exact reproductions of the original GM part and are made using new tooling and are perfectly contoured for original fit and appearance.

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Performance World LS Conversion Custom Fit Aluminum Radiators

Performance World’s LS Conversion Custom Fit Aluminum Radiators are manufactured from Alcoa™ high-quality aluminum and are not recycled.

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Tech: Ididit Steering Column Install

When looking into getting a new steering column for our ’68 Chevelle project, one of the first companies that came to mind was Ididit, who have been producing quality steering