Tech: Chevelle MagnaFlow Install

Tech: Chevelle MagnaFlow Install

When we originally had the engine built for our ’68 Chevelle project, we were given the opportunity to test it out on a dynamometer where it put up some power numbers that were actually more than we expected. During the experience, we were very impressed with the non-restricted sound of the motor and decided that when it came time to actually drive the car, we wanted to do everything we could to replicate the sound we heard that day. The best way to do this was to seek out a performance exhaust system that would not only provide us with that deep growl we were after, but also one that would even improve both horsepower and torque.

At or near the top of our wish list was a MagnaFlow exhaust system, given that they are currently one of the top aftermarket exhaust manufacturers in North America and most definitely live up to the company slogan, which is; ‘Quality. Power. Sound.’ Once we reached out, we were thrilled to learn that MagnaFlow were willing to donate exactly what we were looking for – a stainless steel, 3-in., crossmember-back dual exhaust system made specifically for our Chevelle that would provide the smooth and deep tone we wanted.

From there it was over to our friends at M-Tech Automotive in Port Coquitlam, B.C., who have specialized in building and installing exhaust systems for more than 20 years, for the installation. In just a few short hours, and with only a few minor adjustments necessary, our system was mounted on the car and ready to go.

The MagnaFlow 3-in., crossmember-back dual exhaust system and all hardware laid out and ready to go.


The MagnaFlow 3-in., crossmember-back dual exhaust system and all hardware laid out and ready to go.

System is mocked up in place to check hanger locations and to ensure everything fits the way it should.

MagnaFlow recommends making the existing hole for the muffler hangers bigger to accommodate the new set-up.

A slight modification had to be made in order to fit the system around our aftermarket crossmember.

Our crossmember-back system did not include the downpipes to connect to the headers.

M-Tech fabricated downpipes for the car. Finished product seen here.

Once the fitment of the downpipes was double- and triple-checked, the header flanges were welded on to the downpipes which were then TIG welded to the front of the MagnaFlow system.

New pieces are in place and everything is fitting like it should.

Time to start securing all hanger locations and fasteners.

The Finished Product. Big thanks again to both MagnaFlow and M-Tech Automotive.

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