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BDS 4-In. Lift Kits for Ram Rebel

BDS is now offering the 4-in. IFS Lift Kits for the Ram Rebel which are designed to retain the full functionality of the adjustable ride height modes while correcting suspension and steering geometry. The kit includes a pair of Rebel-specific ride height sensor brackets which ease installation.

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Classic Performance Products Classic Fit Steering Column

Classic Performance Products’ classic fit steering column is a 5-way adjusting column that is made from 2-in. stainless steel tube for automatic column and all floor shift applications, and are available in plain, chrome and black finish. Additionally, the columns come with a 1-in. DD output shaft.

Driver Plus Road Tests

Road Test: 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The Golf Alltrack was introduced to us in North America as a 2017 model but has already seen a few updates including a revised front end, new headlights and new tailights which mimic the changes that the other Golf models endured for 2018.

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Spacekap Wild Commercial Canopy

Spacekap’s Wild Commercial Canopy is the ideal solution to those looking for characteristics similar to that of a regular cargo van. It boasts 53-in. interior height which gives you plenty of room to move around inside, and features the added advantage of full-length side doors. The Wild is a lightweight and aerodynamic model, meaning it will have virtually no effect on your truck’s fuel efficiency.

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Performance World Ford Truck Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Performance World’s Pre-1980 brake kit for Ford trucks provides an easy-to-install, bolt-on solution for upgrading your 8- and 9-inch rear end to disc brake performance. It includes brackets and flanges that fit the three most-popular sizes of 9-inch housings.

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Gibson Cat-Back Dual Extreme Exhaust System

Gibson’s Cat-Back Dual Extreme Exhaust system for the Jeep Wrangler has been designed to enhance low and mid-range performance which is ideal for both climbing and towing. The exit for this system is behind each rear tire which provides plenty of ground clearance during both on- and off-road driving situations.

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SPC GM Front Control Arms

Specialty Products Company (SPC) GM Front Control Arms provide 2-degrees of caster change which allows you to restore your truck’s factory drivability when it is lifted or lowered. Once the arms are installed, you are able to dial your alignment in using OE cams. The kit includes arms for both the right- and left-hand side and provides booted and greasable ball joints that will last the life of your truck.

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Meziere Sportsman-Style Radiator with Fan and Shroud

Meziere’s Sportsman-style radiator comes with an electric fan and shroud, and  features a double pass design and an upper and lower hose connection on the passenger side. The radiator cores are furnace brazed and 100% pressure checked. It features a radiator cap provision on the driver side and mounting bosses on the front side.

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BC NDP Government Doubles Surtax on Luxury Vehicles

The CBC has reported that the B.C. NDP Government that is currently in power will be doubling the surtax on luxury cars in its 2018 budget. The change will boost

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Action Contour IV Canopy

Description: Action’s Contour IV is a smooth, cab-high profile with simple yet elegant design lines that guarantee a precision fit. The recessed and contoured single T-handle rear door and recessed