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Superchips Flashcal for Jeep

The new Flashcal for Jeep from Superchips is a must if you increased your Wrangler’s tire size or gear ratios. The tuner is able to correct your speedometer for tire upgrades between 26-in. and 42-in. and for gear/axle swaps up to 5.38. In addition, the Flashcal can also adjust your engine idle for winching, daytime running light options, and TPMS sensor adjustments among others.

Driver Plus News

Mazda Releases More Information Including Pricing on Refreshed 2018 Mazda6

Following its official Canadian debut at the Canadian International AutoShow, Mazda Canada have released more information for the upcoming refreshed 2018 Mazda6. The Mazda6 will feature new and updated engine

Miscellaneous Muscle Car Plus Parts Store

Weiand Action +Plus Water Pump

Weiand’s Action +Plus Water pump is a lightweight, performance, aluminum mechanical water pump that provides 30-50% weight savings over stock cast-iron pumps. The pumps utilize the exclusive “twisted snout” look, and feature a premium quality bearing and seal that have twice the load capacity of stock pumps.

Miscellaneous Muscle Car Plus Parts Store

UniSteer Tri-5 Chevy Manual Rack & Pinion Kit

UniSteer’s Tri-5 Chevy Manual Rack and Pinion Kit utilizes a traditional style and features a rack that is bolted to a one-piece bracket which mounts exactly where the old steering box and idler arm were mounted to the frame. The rack has less travel than the old pitman arm, meaning the arms are necessary to maintain a comparable turning radius.

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Red Line Diesel Fuel Catalyst

Red Line’s Diesel Fuel Catalyst is designed for use in all diesel engines, as it compensates for the latest low-sulfur fuels. The catalyst promotes better fuel combustion and fuel system lubrication, and also provides faster ignition and reduced detonation and smoke, while improving efficiency. It utilizes powerful high-temperature detergents to clean fuel injectors.

Bolt-On/Cosmetic Off-Road Plus Parts Store

ARIES Introduces Next-Gen ActionTrac Powered Running Boards

ARIES have unveiled its all-new ActionTrac powered running boards that feature an innovative step-within-a-step design and smart sensors which automatically deploy the power step 8-in. when the door is open.

Muscle Car Plus Parts Store Performance

Maradyne MM22KS – Mach Two – Dual 11-in. Fans

Dual 11-in. shrouded fan system for all 24-to-26-in.-wide radiator cores. Outfitted with the strongest 225-watt motors, the Mach Two will cool any small-block engine and many big-block engines as well. Shown with side-mounting flanges for top- and bottom-tank radiators.

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Upcoming Event: 54th Annual Portland Swap Meet

The Portland Antique Auto Swap Meet  runs The April 6, 7, & 8th, 2018 in what will be the 54th year for what has become the largest antique auto event

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Baer 15-In. Rear Extreme+ Brake System

Baer’s 15-in. Rear Extreme+ Brake System features a monoblock 6-piston, 6S caliper mounted to a 15-in. slotted and drilled zinc-plated rotor. The caliper provides complete protection from dust and weather and utilizes the D1247 pad type. The rotors are pre-assembled with high-grade stainless hardware and the kit comes with all mounting brackets.

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Century High-C Sport Canopy

Century’s High C-Sport canopy offers 20% additional cargo space over the lower model canopies and features a full height door. The easier entrance makes it easier to unload and store bigger, bulkier items. The sport version of the High-C features a custom-style that features 1/3 side sliding windows with screens and an all-glass rear door with a rotary hatch.