2019 LA International Auto Show in Pictures

2019 LA International Auto Show in Pictures

Now that the 2019 LA Auto Show media days have wrapped, we take some time to sit back and reflect on the stars of the show, from new reveals, to concept cars, to some pretty skookum aftermarket conversions. As is often the case, the LA Show didn’t disappoint in terms of automotive eye candy.


Porsche 911

More power than previous (443 hp), more tech and a slightly larger but more chiseled styling have all combined to ensure that the 2020 911 (992) hits the mark. Porsche wanted a mix of the old and the new with this car – going so far as bringing an example of every other 911 gen to the show — and they’ve done well to get it.

Honda Passport

Yep, looks like a Pilot to be sure, but the Ford Edge-sized Passport’s more compact dimensions means the lines actually flow a little more smoothly through the bodywork. A 280 hp V6 is your only choice, and while one wonders why Honda needs a half-CR-V, half-Pilot crossover, it’s in a segment that’s always growing and its size and power puts it squarely in the Edge and Nissan Murano’s wheelhouse, two vehicles that have kind of had their way in the two-row midsize CUV segment.

Jeep Gladiator

Call it a “Wrangler pickup” if you want – we like to – but either way, the latest creation from one of FCA’s busiest brands was a show stopper. Much bigger than originally imagined, the Gladiator looks to be a genuine player in the small pickup game, admittedly one that has been underserviced for quite some time, but is enjoying a resurgence as of late. Really, though; it’s a Wrangler with a pickup bed; what more can you ask for?

Lincoln Aviator

The behemothic Navigator is very good – some are calling it the best Lincoln in years, period – but it is huge and as people start to think smaller even in luxury classes, Lincoln would like to catch some of that Navi love, just in a smaller package. With slick mini-Navi styling and V6 and hybrid options – the latter making an impressive 600 (!) lb-ft of torque – they just may have done just that.

Kia Soul

Kia has kept the Soul’s distinctive shape – why wouldn’t they? – but added a slicker front fascia, all sorts of cool interior bits including a huge screen and even more flashy interior lighting, and even gone as far as to build an outdoorsy, Jeep Renegade-baiting X-Line model. Enthusiasts will be happy to know that the new sporty GT-Line turbo model adds paddle shifters, something greatly missed in last year’s Soul Turbo.

Hyundai Pallisade

With divisive looks and a huge presence, the Pallisade definitely made its presence felt at the show. While it may look like it should have V8 power, this three-row mid-size SUV set to replace the aging Santa Fe XL will be available with a single 3.8L V6 good for 291 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. You can’t be blamed for thinking that the Hyundai/Genesis twin-turbo V6 would have been a worthwhile option, but there is a Genesis SUV on the way, so…

VW I.D. Buzz Cargo

VW says that about 7% of North America’s vehicle emissions come from delivery vehicles, so there solution is this: a cargo version of their we-promise-it-will-be-here-soon I.D. Buzz van. Of course, being a cargo van there’s more to it than just deleting the rear seats; VW says that up-fitters will be able to add all manner of shelving, storage and racks to the cargo area. While VW won’t mention any names, they insist that they have started talking to major fleet operators about the opportunities (and cost savings) afforded by an EV platform.


Ford GT Hertiage Edition

While not technically new, Ford has bestowed some new colour choices on the Heritage Edition of their venerable supercar. Coloured to recall the famous Gulf Racing-liveried cars of the late ‘60s, the GT Heritage gets some carbon fibre graphics to nicely mix the old with the new.

Wolfsburg Edition says “Bye Bye” to the Beetle

Much as we knew it was coming, it’s still sad to see the quirky, cutesy Beetle bid its final farewell with the Wolfsburg Edition, a badge that’s signified the end of the line for many a VW model over the last decade. Thing is, usually it means the end of a car’s current generation, to be replaced by something lighter, more efficient and more tech-laden. Unfortunately at this juncture, this really is the end of the Beetle as there has been no talk of a replacement. Then again, with VW’s modular I.D. EV platform on the horizon, you never know. How good would an I.D. Bug look parked alongside an I.D. Buzz microbus?

Toyota Prius AWD and Corolla Hybrid on the way

If you would have told us the Corolla was to get hybridized, we probably would have greeted you with a “yeah, that makes sense” shrug. An AWD Prius, on the other hand, is a bit of a different story. Here it is, though, with an extra EV motor attached to the rear axle to give proper all-wheel drive from 0-60 mph, or all the way up to 43 mph.


Lego Porsche

No, it’s not quite crafted from 1,000,000+ Lego blocks, but it is styled to exactly mimic the 1:43 scale version that you can buy in stores. No word on power figures yet.


Well, they’ve been in the other two sections, so why not here? The ID R set a Pikes Peak record this year, but what’s truly amazing is just how tiny it is in person, with its enormous wing appearing to almost equal the entire surface area of the body to which its attached.

Original Porsche 911

Nothing quite says “LA” or “West Coast” like a classic 911 with a surfboard on its roof, right? Right.

Dodge ReinDemon

It’s not actually called that – plus, it’s more closely related to the Hellcat, but we couldn’t think of a clever enough name for a creation like that — but this Sleigh actually has a Hellcat V8 underhood, and quite a neat-o take on the traditional Hellcat fender and grille badge. Runs best on candy canes and hot chocolate.

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