Chevrolet Offering Two New Special Edition Trucks to Mark Their 100th Year of Truck Production

Chevrolet Offering Two New Special Edition Trucks to Mark Their 100th Year of Truck Production

The 2018 model year marks a very significant milestone for Chevrolet as they celebrate their 100th year of truck production, which has seen more than 85 million trucks produced over the past century and has become one of the most recognizable truck brands in the world. To celebrate this milestone, Chevrolet will offer two new Special Edition trucks; the 2018 Silverado and Colorado Centennial Special Editions.

For a brief summary of the beginning of Chevrolet’s truck production history, the company first introduced trucks in 1918 and began by offering the half-ton Light Delivery and the 1918 One-Ton Truck. Both were offered with an open chassis behind the windshield which allowed buyers to choose between purchasing or building a specialized body for whatever their needs were. Now 100 years later, Chevrolet continues to be the only manufacturer to offer a three truck portfolio along with a full line of special editions which gives customers plenty of options to achieve their own personal style.

The previously mentioned latest special editions trucks, the 2018 Silverado and Colorado Centennial Editions, feature design elements inspired by Chevy trucks throughout history including a distinctive Centennial Blue paint colour, exclusive heritage bowtie emblems and 100 year badges inspired by colours and design cues found in early Chevy Trucks. The Silverado Centennial Edition comes available on the LRZ Z71 crew cab while the Colorado version is based off the Z71 crew and extended cab models. Both trucks boast a number of heritage inspired features such as heritage bowtie emblems used throughout, a 100 year door badge, and chrome accents throughout.

In addition to the special edition trucks, Chevrolet have also built a customized 1967 C-10 show vehicle to commemorate the milestone that will be on display during the State Fair of Texas through October 22nd and will also be on display at the SEMA show which begins in late October.

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