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Road Test: 2019 Cadillac XT4

Cadillac is one of the last luxury automotive manufacturers to venture into the compact-luxury-crossover segment and will look to make a big splash in hopes of luring potential buyers away from their more established competition. On the exterior appearance side of things, Cadillac have done quite well and produced a nice, contemporary looking crossover that bears Cadillac’s current design theme with bold lines and an all-around nice look. Having always been a fan of Cadillac’s interior designs, the XT4 has got that right as well with simple interior that looks to be made of upscale materials and a sense of functionality that can sometimes be lost with all of the technology and features available today.

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Events Preview: Golden Spike Days Festival Car Show

The Golden Spike Days Festival returns to Port Moody, B.C.’s Rocky Point Park from June 28 to July 1, and the last three days, Saturday to Monday, sees a Car

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Lexus Announces Refresh of RC Luxury Sports Coupe

Lexus have announced a refresh of the RC luxury sports coupe and although they are calling it a new version, it’s really more of a mid-cycle refresh of the model

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Jurassic Park Trucks and SUVs are Collector Items

By John Gunnell This started out as an attempt to put together a feature story about a clone of the Jurassic Park movie Jeep that we saw at the 2017

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Volvo Launches All-New, American-Made S60 Sports Sedan

Volvo recently unveiled their all-new S60 mid-size premium sports  sedan at an event that also marked the opening of a new Charleston, South Carolina plant where the car will be

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Events Preview: Mackee Classic Car Auctions

Mackee Classic Car Auctions is putting on three more big events this summer in Alberta and B.C. First up is the 10th Annual Collector Car Auction in Penticton on Saturday, June

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Permatex Brake Lubricant

Permatex’s Silicone Ceramic Brake lubricant provides high-performance lubrication and protection to critical brake components including caliper pins, sleeves, bushings, slides, pistons and seals. The formula is compatible with all plastic and rubber components and will help prevent brake squeal and chatter.

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Bully Stage 1 Performance Clutch

Bully’s Stage 1 Performance Clutch features an ultra-smooth engagement which is achieved by combining an OE-quality organic disc with a mild clamp load increased pressure plate. The Stage 1 clutch increases torque capacity by 15-20 percent, which makes it an ideal choice for a daily driver with typical bolt-on modifications. 

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2017 Auto Sales Highlights: Ford Remains Best-Selling Auto Brand in Canada

For the ninth consecutive year, Ford has been named the best-selling automotive brand in Canada with the Ford F-Series remaining the best-selling vehicle in Canada for the eighth year in

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Brembo Sport Brake Pads

Brembo’s Sport brake pads are designed and tested for performance-oriented street use and for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of their car. They provide outstanding performance even without warming up and at low speeds, thanks to a specific friction material.