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Road Test: 2018 Toyota Prius Technology

There are no new big upgrades for the 2018 model and the unique styling and design of the vehicle remains. A 7-in. screen and SiriusXM radio comes standard on the Technology package.  Toyota’s engineers emphasize the electric motor use to hone in on the fuel consumption and reduce the emission output.

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Porsche Unveils E-Hybrid Model of the Newest Cayenne SUV

Porsche unveiled the third-generation of the Cayenne SUV late last year with three gas-engine options and now have unveiled the all-new Cayenne E-Hybrid model which replaces the Cayenne S E-Hybrid

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Toyota Aiming to Sell more Than 5.5 Million Electrified Vehicles Per Year by 2030

Toyota has announced their plans towards the popularization of electrified vehicles for the next decade leading up to 2030. The company’s electrified vehicle strategy focus’ on a significant acceleration in