Tech: Enthuze Sidebars Install

Tech: Enthuze Sidebars Install

Immediately after we installed the 4-in. lift kit and 35-in. tires on our 2018 F-150, as showcased last issue, we realized that we had to put some serious effort in to getting in and out of the truck. Our truck did not come with any factory sidebars, so we found ourselves literally having to jump to get in, as the lift and tires had obviously significantly increased the distance between the ground and the cab of the truck.

After doing some research, we reached out to our friends at Enthuze and they were generous enough to provide us with a set of their 4-in. Blackout Series Side Bars. These side bars feature a sleek black powder coat finish that would perfectly integrate into our truck in terms of appearance and also provide us with a safe, wide step that would eliminate the need for us to jump in and out of our truck. After they arrived, we went to see the guys over at Action Car and Truck Accessories in Port Kells, B.C. where they were happy to install them for us.

The actual installation process was a very quick and easy one and in no time we were able to effortlessly step into the truck and head back home. The bars feel very sturdy and are wide enough that you don’t feel like you might slip, and rather than simply integrate into our truck’s exterior appearance, they improved it by adding a rugged, yet functional upgrade. The powder coat finish allows us to not have to worry about rust or corrosion in the future, while the aggressive custom polyethylene step pads provide sure footing in all situations.

We would like to express huge gratitude to the folks down at Enthuze for providing us with the bars and to Kevin and his team at Action in Port Kells for a seamless installation.

Our 2018 F-150 going up on the lift. As you can see, the truck did not come with factory sidebars, which made it a little challenging for us to get in and out after we installed the lift kit.

Our Enthuze Black Series 4-in. Side Bars ready to go. As you can see, they offer a sleek black finish and a safe, wide step perfect for getting in and out of a lifted vehicle.

Brackets and hardware all laid out and ready to go. Given that our truck had no existing sidebars, all we had to do was locate the factory mounting locations and we were ready to go.

Plastic washers are placed over each factory mounting stud in the body panel. These washers are designed to prevent corrosion between the aluminum body panel and the steel mounting brackets.

Each of the six (three per side) mounting brackets are installed snugly, but not fully tightened. Once they are on, line up the sidebar with the mounting brackets and loosely install without tightening hardware.

The process is repeated on the other side.

Adjust the sidebars as necessary and once they sit level, tighten all hardware.

Double check as you go that all hardware is secure and tight.

Simply trim away the excess part of the plastic washer for a streamlined look.

The finished product leaves us with a great looking and safe step to easily get in and out of the truck. Big thanks again to Enthuze and Action for setting this up for us.

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