Tech: Husky Liners Install

Tech: Husky Liners Install

Having spent the last few months with our 2018 Ford F-150 XLT CrewCab provided by the fine folks down at Metro Ford in Port Coquitlam, B.C., we noticed that, although the interior is well designed and provides ample amounts of storage space, there were a few shortfalls. The small OEM floor mats provided little protection for the majority of the truck’s interior carpet and, although you are left with a ton of space with the rear seats folded up, it is essentially just a large flat area that doesn’t actually secure any cargo, leaving it to freely roll around while driving.

After doing some research, we contacted our friends over at Husky Liners, who specialize in correcting exactly these problems. Luckily for us, the Husky team was generous enough to send over a complete front and rear set of their X-Act Contour Floor Liners, as well as the GearBox Under Seat Storage system, all designed specifically for our truck.

Once we removed the OEM mats and went through the very easy install, which was as easy as you’d expect, we immediately noticed a huge improvement as the FormFit, vehicle-specific design left very little interior carpet exposed throughout the whole truck, and we now have a secure spot to store smaller items we don’t want rolling around in the back seat area. This will preserve our vehicle’s interior for years to come and will make day-to-day usage just that much easier.

The X-Act Contour Liners are designed to hold spills or any mess in the liner which makes it easy for us to simply remove, clean, and put back in without anything touching the actual interior of our truck. This will come especially in handy during the winter months, where our shoes and boots are covered with snow, mud and road salt, which often make it impossible to keep your vehicle clean.

We’d like to once again express big thanks to the crew down at Metro Ford for assisting us with getting our F-150, and to Tina and her team at Husky Liners for providing us with the ultimate interior protection and functionality. We look forward to many, many years of interior cleanliness.

Our 2018 Ford F-150 XLT from Metro Ford.

As you can see, our OEM floor mats do not cover very much of the actual interior carpet at all.

Same goes for the back seat where very little is covered by the OEM mats.

Once we removed the OEM stuff, we began installing the Husky floor liners which fit perfectly and will hold firmly in place thanks to the StayPut Cleats found on the underside.

The only adjustment we did have to make was with the rear liner, where we had to trim a small strip in order to fit perfectly around our centre console.

Once fully installed, it becomes very obvious that basically anywhere your feet will be is completely covered, and the liners will easily hold any spills or mess within itself, which makes clean-up a breeze.

Once we were happy with the placement of our liners, we installed the GearBox, which provides a ton of space to hold smaller items and even has a couple of different sections to keep your gear even more organized.

With the seats folded back down, the GearBox is hardly noticeable and covers any of the contents you have inside.

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