Road Test: 2020 Buick Encore

Road Test: 2020 Buick Encore

Story by Brenda Washington, photos courtesy of GM Canada


Price: $29,898

Engine: 1.4L ECOTEC turbocharged DOHC 4-cylinder

Trans: 6-speed auto

Power: 138hp@ 4,900 rpm

Torque: 148 lb-ft @ 1,850 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,237 lbs./1,468 kg

Fuel Consumption: 9.9/8.1 (L/100km – City/Hwy)


New for 2020: Not much changes for the Buick Encore in 2020. The more powerful version of the 1.4L turbocharged engine has been discontinued and besides that just some minor tweaks to options available on certain trims.

Segment Competitors: Hyundai  Kona, Mazda CX3, Nissan Kicks, Chevrolet Trax

The Skinny:  This Essence model, my tester, came with an automatic transmission and had the option of switching to manual mode with a click of a button atop the gear shift. The safety systems included a lane-keep assist, forward collision alert, and blind-spot alert. I did find the forward collision alert to be a little too touchy and it does make you jump the first time it goes off. An 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPaly and Android Auto comes standard while customers are given the option of AWD as well as FWD. No cruise control but I really don’t think that’s an issue for most.

Pros: I liked the simplistic way information was displayed on the dash.

Cons: The backup camera was often obstructed by rain drops and the A-pillars were a little obstructive.

The Verdict: Very attractive design on the outside with a luxurious feel inside. The smooth ride and parking lot friendly size make for a ride I definitely wouldn’t mind experiencing again.

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